Italian Wedding Mason Jar Soup

With the weather getting colder, it’s nice to get to enjoy the warmer, heartier meals like soups and stews that you don’t always feel up to in the summer.  This quick, clean-eating take on Italian wedding soup is about to change the game.  There is basically no prep involved and you get a delicious, portable, protein and veggie packed lunch.  

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Moroccan Chicken

This Moroccan Chicken recipe is inspired from one of my first cookbooks ever, College Cooking: Feed Yourself and Your Friends by Megan & Jill Carle.  The book was a really great way to start cooking because the recipes require minimal special tools, use inexpensive ingredients, and they have a whole chapter devoted to “food for the masses,” so you can feed your family or have this for dinner yourself with enough left over for a week’s worth of brown bag lunches.  Many of the recipes in the book centre around refined carbohydrates so I’ve moved away from using it a bit, but this healthy recipe isn’t going anywhere.

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