Chicken Toula

My best memories of growing up involve spending time with my cousins.  My family is pretty big, and I’m impressed by how my parents and their siblings, despite living in separate cities, found the time to keep us all together.  One of my cuzzies, Trinati, has been on my mind a lot lately because she’s expecting a baby (girl!!!) soon.  Growing up, I loved when she pretended she was my big sister (we were both blue-eyed blondes).  I even had myself basically convinced that even though we are related on our mothers’ side, her dad’s mom was my grandma too.  Or my YiaYia to be exact.  Toula was an amazing Greek woman who we were all obsessed with.  I have so many memories of her.  She taught my mom how to make this chicken dish, that I am excited to now share with you all!

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