Little Sister Stuffed Peppers

My little sister is pretty cool.  She is also not so little anymore.  For so long, I took for granted the fact that she looked up to me.  I was the cool one.  I introduced her to stuff. I helped her.  Now, the tables have unfortunately turned.  I’m constantly asking her what things mean / where she got something / what app is that?  Maybe it should make me feel old, but it’s actually so special to me that now we lean on each other.  We were always sisters, but as she’s gotten older we’ve become great friends.  And friends rely on each other for things.  One of the things she looks to me for is cooking advice.  When my mom was visiting me a few weeks ago, the three of us were chatting on FaceTime and we had so much fun walking her through cooking a new dish for the first time.  

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