Tart Frozen Yogurt

I’ve long been a fan of the serve your own fro-yo bar.  From Menchies and Yogurtys to independent frozen kefir shops, I really do love them all.  I always order the original / tart flavour.  I want that tangy, tart yogurt flavour, and I don’t want it masked.  For flavored frozen treats, I’d go for ice cream.  I recently have been reading more about our microbiota and the many health benefits of ingesting probiotics.  I’ve experimented with sauerkraut, kombucha and kefir and have found them all surprisingly easy and delicious.  If you’re having yogurt for health benefits, though, do you really want all the additives and extra sugar that goes into the store-bought varieties?   If your answer is no, read on for my homemade tart frozen yogurt recipe!

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