Black Bean Brownies

So, as I mentioned earlier, I’m moving soon and trying to use up everything in my cupboards.  Since I spent a significant portion of medical school preparing for a zombie apocalypse (The Walking Dead had a big impact on me), this is no easy task.  I have so many cans of everything.  Black bean brownies it is.  Problem – I had no maple syrup, which is my go-to sweetener and dangerously little honey (my second choice).  Since buying more of either is kind of defeating the purpose of using up my cupboard contents, I had to get creative.  

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Victory Bread Croutons

I’ve been making Victory Bread for years, so why did I only think to make it into croutons recently?  Whatever the reason, it was a major breakthrough.  I love croutons on a salad, especially Caesar, and have missed them a bit since I started avoiding heavily processed grains.  Now I’ve got my crunch back.

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Victory Bread

Sarah Brighton over at My New Roots has got it going on.  I was initially introduced to her blog by a friend from Toronto who went to Havergal – Sarah used to be her art teacher!  She’s since gone on to write for Martha Stewart’s Meatless Monday, has an amazing blog and cookbook and advocates for a healthy, plant based diet.  If you haven’t heard of her Life Changing Loaf of Bread yet – you’re probably going to want to make it, with or without my customizations.

victory bread - Kaleigh's Kitchen
victory bread – Kaleigh’s Kitchen

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