Tart Frozen Yogurt

I’ve long been a fan of the serve your own fro-yo bar.  From Menchies and Yogurtys to independent frozen kefir shops, I really do love them all.  I always order the original / tart flavour.  I want that tangy, tart yogurt flavour, and I don’t want it masked.  For flavored frozen treats, I’d go for ice cream.  I recently have been reading more about our microbiota and the many health benefits of ingesting probiotics.  I’ve experimented with sauerkraut, kombucha and kefir and have found them all surprisingly easy and delicious.  If you’re having yogurt for health benefits, though, do you really want all the additives and extra sugar that goes into the store-bought varieties?   If your answer is no, read on for my homemade tart frozen yogurt recipe!

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Coconut Date Truffles

If you need a little afternoon pick me up or a study snack, these are for you.  Sweet and satisfying with a hint of cinnamon, they are just so delicious!  I also make a chocolate version with unsweetened cocoa powder which tempers the sweetness of the dates, but I also really like how here the natural flavours shine through without being overpowered by the cocoa.  That being said, the chocolate ones are incredible.

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Coconut Black Rice Pudding

I saw a recipe for Black Rice Pudding with coconut & banana in At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen a while back, bought the black rice, put it in my cupboard and promptly forgot about it.  I didn’t make the recipe before for 2 reasons;  (1) it only uses half a can of coconut milk which is so annoying because what am I supposed to do with the other half?  (2) it needs to simmer for an hour on the stovetop.  Well, now I am sitting at my kitchen table all day anyway, and decided no one is here stopping me from using the whole dang can.  Lol I said dang.  I’m trying to keep it clean, ok?

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Black Bean Brownies

So, as I mentioned earlier, I’m moving soon and trying to use up everything in my cupboards.  Since I spent a significant portion of medical school preparing for a zombie apocalypse (The Walking Dead had a big impact on me), this is no easy task.  I have so many cans of everything.  Black bean brownies it is.  Problem – I had no maple syrup, which is my go-to sweetener and dangerously little honey (my second choice).  Since buying more of either is kind of defeating the purpose of using up my cupboard contents, I had to get creative.  

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