Curried Chicken Waldorf Salad

You may have noticed that a lot of my recent recipes have been vegetarian.  I definitely am leaning towards a Blue Zone / China Study – approved diet these days, but these diets do have room for meat, and I still do eat it.  I’ve been getting requests for more meat recipes and I do not want to disappoint!  

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Quinoa Kale Salad with Fresh Raspberry Balsamic Vinaigrette

This has been a great summer for salads in Kaleigh’s Kitchen.  Nothing inspires me to make new recipes like cooking for friends and family, and this amazing salad is no exception.  I was making a salad for a family get together (that’s my gorgeous cousin Kelly in the main photo!), and wanted to keep the flavours vibrant and summery, while still packing a nutritional punch with lots of kale.  As I had a punnet of raspberries, I decided to try my hand at a homemade raspberry vinaigrette.  It did not disappoint!

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Antipasto Quinoa Salad

I’ve received a few requests for more quinoa salad recipes, and the only reason I haven’t posted one sooner is because I like my originals so much (Greek, Mexican, North African) that every time I make a pot of quinoa I want to stick with my old faithfuls!  Last Sunday, however, I was ready to branch out.  This salad is inspired by one of my favourite appetizers of all time – the antipasto platter.  

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Raspberry Watermelon Mint Smoothie

Oh August, how do I love thee?  High temperatures, bright sun, swimming, fresh produce, and just enough of a threat of fall approaching that you don’t take it all for granted.  I could bask in the sun all day (with sunscreen on!), and you won’t find me complaining about the temperature, but particularly sweltering afternoons call for a refreshing treat.  Enter the Raspberry Watermelon Mint Smoothie.

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“Superfood” Muesli

There is a lot of buzz around so-called “superfoods” these days.  One day it’s coconut, the next it’s goji berries.  Some people know what the touted health benefits of their favourite fad food are, some just have a vague idea that “it’s supposed to be super good for me.”  It is incredible to me how many well-meaning people feel comfortable making claims about these foods with little to no good evidence.  

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Confetti Salad with Creamy Green Dressing

With summer in full swing, all I want for lunch and dinner (and, if we’re being honest, breakfast) is cool, crunchy raw vegetable salads.  This confetti salad takes the conventional wisdom of adding color to your plate to heart.  Purple cabbage, red and yellow peppers, fresh corn, carrots, celery, cucumbers — we’ve almost got a rainbow on our hands.  It’s just as delicious as it is beautiful, and the green dressing is so creamy, perfectly offsetting the crisp vegetables.  

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Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai

I go through “food phases” where I want to eat the same ingredients over and over and everyone around me gets sick of them but I don’t.  Right now, it’s spaghetti squash.  Making spaghetti and meatballs with it is a classic choice for a reason, but spaghetti squash is so versatile that the possibilities are really endless.  Since my other current food obsession is almond butter, I had a very sad jar of neglected natural peanut butter in my fridge that was begging to be used up.  Enter spaghetti squash pad thai.
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Kale Salad with Nectarine, Almonds & Feta

I’m on a major kale kick.  Partially for you (recipe testing), partially for me (I’m a self-confessed salad glutton).  This simple salad takes advantage of the amazing nectarines that are filling the supermarket shelves, and balances their flavour with a sweet and creamy tahini dressing, almonds and feta.  You know you want this.

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