2 Victory Bread Sandwiches

These are no-brainers for someone with a loaf of Victory Bread and not a lot of time.  

I use Victory Bread a lot of different ways and I love experimenting, but I always come back to tuna melts and grilled cheeses.  Although I will forever like ketchup with a grilled cheese (cut into 4 triangles please), tomato relish / chutney is a big thing in Ireland and it is so tasty.  I am definitely going to miss it while in Toronto.  I may have to come up with my own recipe!  You know what they call grilled cheeses in Ireland?  Cheese toasties.  I love it!  Its so cute.  And probably more fitting here, since I make the tuna melts and grilled cheeses in the oven.  200C for around 5 minutes.  Since Victory Bread is very hearty, it also lends itself very well to open faced sandwiches – you can choose!  Go wild.

victory bread tuna melts - kaleighskitchen.com

Oh and can I just take the time to say – if you saw the Victory Bread recipe, thought it looked good, but didn’t make it because of all the ingredients you need (you – and I – know who you are), make yourself a flipping list and go to Bulk Barn.  Get big ziploc bags while you’re out.  Get a lot – don’t lie to yourself – you’re lazy (I can say that, because I’m lazy too), then measure out all of the dry ingredients until you run out of your rate-limiting ingredient.  Now you should have at least 5-6 bags of almost-ready-made Victory Bread that you can put in your freezer.  You’re welcome.

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