Victory Bread Croutons

I’ve been making Victory Bread for years, so why did I only think to make it into croutons recently?  Whatever the reason, it was a major breakthrough.  I love croutons on a salad, especially Caesar, and have missed them a bit since I started avoiding heavily processed grains.  Now I’ve got my crunch back.

I make croutons with Victory Bread and Deliciously Ella’s Superfood Bread.  If you make a loaf of Victory Bread just for croutons, I’d recommend adding 2-3 Tbsp mixed herbs like herbes de Provence to the loaf.  But warning – the flavour is quite strong and won’t be as good for slicing and eating.  If I’m planning on eating half and making half into croutons, I go with 1-2 Tbsp.  If you like your Victory Bread plain, you can toss the cubed Victory Bread in a tiny bit of oil and some spices if you’re feeling ambitious.

Making these is so easy I’m not even going to add a recipe box for you.  Just do this:  heat your oven to 200C.  Slice up your Victory Bread.  Cut each slice in half lengthwise then make 3 cuts widthwise (so you have 8 cubes per slice).  If its a little dry from sitting out, toss in some olive oil (herbs, nutritional yeast, parmesan optional).  Place in a single layer on a baking sheet and bake for 10-15min until each piece is toasted / golden.  Let cool and enjoy in a salad!

Salad, Snacks, BakingKaleigh Briggs