Tart Frozen Yogurt

I’ve long been a fan of the serve your own fro-yo bar.  From Menchies and Yogurtys to independent frozen kefir shops, I really do love them all.  I always order the original / tart flavour.  I want that tangy, tart yogurt flavour, and I don’t want it masked.  For flavored frozen treats, I’d go for ice cream.  I recently have been reading more about our microbiota and the many health benefits of ingesting probiotics.  I’ve experimented with sauerkraut, kombucha and kefir and have found them all surprisingly easy and delicious.  If you’re having yogurt for health benefits, though, do you really want all the additives and extra sugar that goes into the store-bought varieties?   If your answer is no, read on for my homemade tart frozen yogurt recipe!

Warning – you do need an ice cream maker for this recipe.  I got one on amazon for under 30$ that can make about a pint at a time.  This is a great size for me because it can make up to 4 servings, and the bowl is small enough that I just store it in the freezer all the time.  I like to make just enough for whoever is having some right away, because it only takes 10 minutes and is better straight from the machine than stored in the freezer (it gets too hard).  

A note on choosing your yogurt: I definitely recommend organic grass-fed full fat yogurt for this.  Grass-fed and organic dairy have a healthier balance of omega-3 to omega-6 fats than conventional-farm dairy products.  Omega-3’s are anti-inflammatory and are important for cardiovascular and brain health.  I never use low fat when buying organic grass-fed dairy because I want more of these beneficial omega-3 fats.  I usually just don’t buy any dairy if it isn’t organic and grass-fed, but if I did, I’d probably go for a lower fat variety, as the fat in conventional-farm dairy products is significantly higher in omega-6 fatty acids.

A note on sweetness and flavouring: some sugar is necessary in the frozen yogurt to get the right consistency.  I have made this recipe with half the honey, and the flavour was great, but the consistency was a bit “icier.”  I still like it, and have it this way when I’m trying to keep my overall sugar intake down, but the extra honey gives a texture closer to what you’d get in a shop.

I like to have this plain or topped with berries.  Comment below with other topping ideas - would love to hear what other people come up with!

This makes 4 servings.

Tart Frozen Yogurt


  • 2 cups grass-fed organic full fat yogurt
  • 4 Tbsp honey (experiment with 2-4Tbsp for your preferred flavour and texture)


  1. Stir together honey and yogurt.
  2. Freeze according to ice cream maker instructions.
  3. Serve in 4 individual ramekins, alone or with your favourite toppings!
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