Aaptiv workout app review

Have you ever heard of a personal trainer who charges $1.50 per workout?  Because I (sort of) have one.  It's an app, and it's called Aaptiv.  Like a true millennial, I found about it from an Instagram ad.  I got a free month trial, and ended up paying for a second month.  It was WAY less expensive than my usual habit of workout studio classes, and I ended up working out more days a week because I could do the workouts at home or in my condo gym.  

The idea behind the app is taking what people really like about workout videos or a face to face interaction where a trainer is telling you what to do, but make it accessible with just a smartphone.  If you know the basics about the workout you want to do, you don't really need someone to demonstrate it for you, and Aaptiv would be a great fit for you.  You'll probably find it less helpful if you're a newbie and are looking for form demonstration or corrections.  

Aaptiv has a bunch of different trainers, and each has their own style of music they'll have playing in the background and style of workout planning.  The app is organized into type of workout.  The different types are:

  • indoor cycling
  • ellipitcal
  • yoga
  • outdoor running
  • strength training
  • treadmill running

After you pick a workout type, you can narrow a search by time, trainer, type of music and workout level (beginner, intermediate, advanced).  I've tried the yoga, treadmill running and strength training, but the strength training is hands down my favourite.  They have HIIT workouts, tabata, and circuits.  I love that I can do a different workout every time, so I don't get bored.  I also like that if I only have 15 minutes, there is no excuse because I can pick a 15 minute workout.  I do wish you could choose bodyweight or weight-based workout because it would be easier for when I don't have access to dumbbells or kettlebells.

So here are the details - I downloaded it from the iPhone app store.  They offer a free month-long trial.  After that, you can get a plan that is $8.33/month for a year long commitment or $14.99/month with no commitment.  If you cancel before your free trial you won't get charged at all.  

If you try it or have tried it already, let me know what your favourite workouts on the app are - always looking for new ideas!  Likewise, if you have other workout apps to recommend, please share!

Dr Kaleigh

Kaleigh Briggs2 Comments