H+H Cinnamon Buckwheat Crunch Granola

I flew home from Dublin yesterday, and took this granola in glass containers to eat on the plane.  I bought some milk in the airport to take with me.  Best plane food ever.  It travels so well and kept me satisfied until I got home.


I’ve written about the Hemsley & Hemsley cookbook before, and I probably will again.  This granola is just so good.  The only added sweetener is maple syrup, and it can be cut down if you want.  I’ve tried with as little as 4 Tbsp instead of the recommended 7, and it was still sweet enough with the cinnamon and coconut flakes.  The recipe is also a great “base recipe.”  You can sub the seeds for any type of seed, the nuts for any type of nut.  I think it would also be good if the coconut oil was subbed with almond butter.  You could even sub the buckwheat for steel cut oats, though that would kind of defeat the purpose of having buckwheat granola.


I had a bit of a prejudice until writing this post that buckwheat is significantly healthier than steel cut oats but, with a little research, I found that is not the case.  Steel cut oats are higher in protein, healthy fats, and lower in carbs.  Buckwheat has a bit more dietary fiber, and is lower in calories.  I’m still really happy with the macronutrient profile of buckwheat, but just thought I’d put that out there, in case anyone had the same misconception as me.  Of course once you start refining the oats, the nutritional profile gets worse.

Ok, enough of this rambling!  Lets get to the granola!

BreakfastKaleigh Briggs