Raspberry Watermelon Mint Smoothie


Oh August, how do I love thee?  High temperatures, bright sun, swimming, fresh produce, and just enough of a threat of fall approaching that you don’t take it all for granted.  I could bask in the sun all day (with sunscreen on!), and you won’t find me complaining about the temperature, but particularly sweltering afternoons call for a refreshing treat.  Enter the Raspberry Watermelon Mint Smoothie.


Watermelon is a great summer staple for a reason – I like to think of it as nature’s sports drink with it’s combination of high water content, sugars, sodium and potassium.  This isn’t even mentioning it’s fiber content, which helps it to satisfy an afternoon craving.  What is great about having a smoothie like this instead of a sports drink is you omit all of the artificial dyes and flavours for whole-food alternatives that still provide what your body needs.  The fiber in a smoothie like this also helps mitigate the insulin response, preventing a sugar crash later on.  Some smoothie recipes have too many heavy ingredients, but I’ve kept this one very light to ensure it won’t feel like it’s just weighing you down in the heat.  Tart frozen raspberries offset the watermelon’s sweetness and add a frozen / slushy dimension, and the cooling mint is perfect to round it all out.

Three simple ingredients combine to make this smoothie a treat that tastes like the best popsicle you’ve ever had.  Speaking of which, this concoction would make a devastatingly delicious popsicle (let’s try it!).  It would also make an amazing base for an alcoholic punch, but this is a blog based on HEALTHY foods so let’s pretend I didn’t say that.

Raspberry Watermelon Mint Smoothie


  • 3 cups chopped watermelon
  • 1 cup frozen raspberries
  • 15 fresh mint leaves


  1. Blend all ingredients in a powerful blender. 
  2. Enjoy cold.