Strawberry Feta Mint Salad


A few summers ago, I was introduced to the watermelon-mint-feta flavour combination.  I love it!  Its so fresh and summery.  I had my last exam of medical school today, and I feel like a little kid on the last day of school!  I needed something to kick start my summer break (which ends at the beginning of July).  

I saw a watermelon at the supermarket and was inspired… until I cut it open when I got home and it was the saddest light pink colour ever.  I have seriously never seen a paler watermelon (I just thought how its funny that I saw my ‘palest’ watermelon in Ireland – GET IT!?).  Its not that I expected it to be absolutely perfect at the beginning of May (I know its not exactly in season), but I thought it would be revivable with feta and mint.  It wasn’t.

You know what I had that didn’t need reviving though?  Strawberries.  These guys were perfectly ripe, very red, and so sweet.  I tried them in place of the watermelon and the summery sensation was the same or better.  I don’t know if strawberry feta salad with mint is already a thing.  It probably is.  But whatever, just eat it.

I’m not even posting a real recipe for this, its too easy.  Its just – wait for it – sliced strawberries, torn up mint, crumbled feta, and the tiniest drizzle of olive oil.  Goes perfectly with my celebratory glass of champagne.

SaladKaleigh Briggs