Pure Kitchen Review (great healthy cafe in Ottawa)

After over-indulging during the holidays, it can be nice to have a healthy food reset.  You're probably feeling a little tired and sluggish from too much sugar and alcohol, and if you've got little kids in your family, you've probably caught a cold as well.

My sister and I flew into Ottawa on the way to our parents' home after a family extravaganza in South Carolina, and stumbled upon a gem of a healthy cafe, Pure Kitchen

The place was busy, but we lucked in as a couple was just leaving as we got there.  It was hard to choose what to get because everything on the menu looked great!  We ended up starting with the Protector "elixir" which is basically a concentrated juice shot.  The Protector had turmeric, ginger, pineapple and black pepper - perfect for a girl with the case of the sniffles.  For an appetizer we got the Cauliflower Wings.  They make them in two flavours, Korean BBQ and Buffalo Hot Sauce.  We got 50/50 (obviously).  Best cauliflower wings to date, but Shannon had a near death experience from the Buffalo Hot Sauce spiciness, so beware.  For our mains, we both got the smaller size of bowls (which were still very filling), and subbed the rice for cauliflower rice to up our veggie game.  I got the "Aspire Butter "Chickun" - fried tofu, charred cauliflower, kale, fried chickpeas and a creamy curry sauce which wasn't very Butter Chicken Sauce-like, but was still quite good.  We both agreed that Shannon's bowl was better.  She got the "Fantastic" bowl which had ginger lime marinated tofu, broccoli, red peppers, kale, cabbage, scallions and cilantro tossed in a peanut sauce.  To finish, we each ordered a Golden Milk - a turmeric latte made with honey-sweetened almond milk and seasoned with cinnamon and ginger - to take out with us to brave the Ottawa cold.

I mentioned in my last post that a great way to keep up healthy habits away from home is to make it exciting - I love going to new healthy cafes or trying out a workout studio when I'm on vacation.  Anyone else have any recommendations for next time I'm in Ottawa?

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Dr Kaleigh