Healing with love


I have recently become a student of A Course in Miracles (ACM), and I was listening to an audiobook of compiled teachings on ACM given by Marianne Williamson.  In it she says something really powerful about how we interact with other people that I want to share today.

When a little child hurts their finger and runs over to their mother to show them the boo boo, mothers have a universal instinct to say something along the lines of, "let me kiss it and make it better."  They put love on the wound to heal it.  

When we get older, if an adult lashes out or snaps at us or otherwise behaves negatively towards us they are, in a way, showing us their wounds.  And how do we sometimes instinctively respond?  With anger, or a lack of patience, etc.  

What would happen if we started to recognize other people's negative behaviour towards us as wounds they are showing us that need love to heal them?  I think the world would be a better place.

I hope this serves you.


Dr Kaleigh

Kaleigh BriggsComment